Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler

Picture of Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler

The Fixed Volume Closed Loop Liquid Sampler is designed to provide a fixed volume sample independent of process pressure or flow rates, while keeping the operator isolated from the process stream and line pressure.

This simplified, one-valve design allows for volume accuracy while obtaining a representative, emission-free sample safely. A pre-measured volume of sample is isolated and moved to a sample vial with a carrier gas. This system is a true dead volume sampler, as it and the sample vial are fully purged during the sample cycle, providing an inert atmosphere prior to each sample. The panel mounting allows for easy pipe, wall, or flange mounting.

The Fixed Volume Closed Loop Liquid Sampler can be designed to work automatically as a multi-vial sampler or as a composite sampler.

Picture of an Automatic Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler

  • Representative, Emission Free Sampling
  • One Valve Operation
  • Valve available in 1/8" or 1/4"
  • Wetted parts available in Stainless, Monel, Hastelloy, Teflon
  • All non-wetted parts are Stainless Steel
  • Inexpensive replaceable needles
  • Cabinet mounting available
  • Temperature control of enclosure and/ or sample available
  • Available with or without Carbon Filters
  • Sample Preparation Units
  • Custom designs available

Picture of Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler

Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler Flow Diagram

Diagram of Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler

For a higher resolution version of the Fixed Volume Liquid Sampler, download

Typical Units

Following are schematic drawings of several standard Fixed Volume Samplers

The next two schematic drawings are of Automatic Fixed Volume Samplers.

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