Six-Port Gas Sampler

Picture of Six-Port Gas Sampler

The Single Valve 6-Port Gas Sampler is a continuously flowing method for collecting representative gas samples. The 6-Port Gas Sampler system vents line pressure from the quick connects to a flare line, providing a method to disconnect the cylinder with minimum line pressure. Due to the simple operation and shut-off valves in the quick connects, the Single Valve 6-Port Gas Sampler is an extremely safe method of gas sampling.

Pressure: 2500 PSI
Temp: 300 F

  • Representative, Emission free sampling
  • All non wetted parts are Stainless Steel
  • Wetted parts available in 316 SS, Monel, Hastelloy
  • Cabinet mounting available
  • Custom designs available


Diagram of Six-Port Gas Sampler

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