Inline Liquid Sampler

Picture of Styrene Sampler

The Inline Liquid Sampler offers a method of obtaining a grab sample directly from a small process stream or a large slip stream. It is a true zero dead volume sampler and is fully purged with a carrier gas during the sample cycle. The sampler allows full time purge of the sample vial in between samples to insure an inert atmosphere in the sample vial when the sample is taken.

Pressure: 3000 psig
Temperature: 450 F

  • Representative, Emission free sampling
  • Available with Process Blow Back
  • All non-wetted parts are Stainless Steel
  • Wetted parts available in 316 SS, Monel, Hastelloy, Teflon
  • Inexpensive replaceable needles
  • Cabinet mounting available
  • Temperature control of enclosure and / or sample available
  • Available with or without Carbon Filters
  • Custom designs available

Diagram of Inline Liquid Sampler

For a higher resolution version of the Inline Liquid Sampler Flow Diagram, download


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